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8.99 Coconut Shrimp

Six large shrimp served with house made Thai chili pineapple sauce.

8.99 Calamari Lightly Battered

Lightly battered steaks cut into strips and served with the house made cocktail sauce.

11.99 Ahi Poke Gluten Free

Raw Hawaiian classic available as original or spicy style, served with house made taro chips.

8.99 Shrimp Lightly Battered

Six large shrimp served with our house made cocktail sauce.


Your choice of Dressing

Mango Vinaigrette Italian
Lilikoi Vinaigrette Ceasar
6.99 Mixed Green Salad Gluten Free

Mixed greens, tomatoes, fresh mango, red bell pepper, and candied macadamia nuts.

6.99 Caesar Salad

add Chicken $4.00

14.99 Seafood Salad Gluten Free

Choice of fish served any cooking style, three grilled shrimp and choice of dressing.

12.99 Steak Salad

Romaine lettuce, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, croutons, and choice of dressing.

11.99 Taco Salad Gluten Free

Choice of fish, steak, chicken, or veggie patty served on a bed of greens with taco fixings.


9.99 Seafood Chowder Bowl

New England style with Ono, Mahi-Mahi, clams, mushrooms, onions and garlic.

5.49 Cup of Soup


10.99 Fish Tacos Gluten Free

Zagat rated "The Perfect Fish Taco". This dish has certainly made a name for itself. Two tacos per order made with 17 ingredients; including grilled Ono and Mahi Mahi, white corn tortilla, organic tomato salsa, cheese, house made coleslaw and mango salsa We're sure you'll love it.

10.99 Steak, Chicken, or Veggie Tacos Steak Taco: Gluten Free Chicken Taco: Gluten Free

Two tacos grilled with white corn tortillas and a variety of 17 ingredients; including organic tomato salsa, house made mango salsa, our famous cole slaw, tomatoes, cheese.

11.99 Taco Mountain Gluten Free (Except Veggie)

Choice of Fish (GF), Steak (GF), Chicken (GF), or Veggie. Served with all the taco fixings, layered over brown rice.

Off The Grill

11.49 “Local Style” Over Rice Sub a side of Steam Vegetables +$1.00

Choice of fish and cooking style over brown rice; with coleslaw, tomato, and cheese or sub steamed vegetables for $1

11.49 On A Bun

Choice of fish and cooking style served with tomato, cheese, famous coleslaw, and house-made tartar, on a freshly baked challah bun.

14.99 Macadamia Nut Mahi Mahi Sub a side of Steam Vegetables +$1.00

Coconut mango sauce, brown rice and famous coconut milk coleslaw or substitute steamed vegetables for $1

9.99 Chicken / Veggie Burgers

Served with all the burger fixings. Grilled or Teriyaki

…And Chips

Served with french fries and famous coleslaw.

11.99 Fish & Chips

Two pieces of Mahi Mahi lighted breaded in italian bread crumbs served with our famous coconut milk coleslaw and french fries

11.99 Shrimp & Chips

11.99 Calamari & Chips

Ahi Poke

12.99 Poke Bowl

Hawaiian favorite featuring raw Ahi Poke, pickled cucumber, ginger, and red onion; with radish, mangos, edamame, and avocado; over brown rice and mixed greens. Available as original or spicy style


Served with a slice of garlic bread.

16.99 Seafood Pasta

Alfredo cream sauce with capers or marinara sauce with Ono and Mahi Mahi. Slice of garlic bread. Every order made from scratch. Please allow a little extra time to prepare

15.99 Chicken Pasta

Alfredo cream sauce or marinara sauce, mushrooms, onions and garlic.


  • 3.99 Taro Chips

    3.99 Basket of Fries

    2.99 Side of Fries

    7.49 Onion Rings Beer Battered

    1.99 Brown Rice Gluten Free

    2.59 Side of Coleslaw Gluten Free

    3.59 Steamed Vegetables Gluten Free

Keiki Menu
(Kid’s Menu)

Dishes for Children Under 10

3.99 Quesadilla Under Age 10 Gluten Free

Cheese layered between white corn tortillas

5.99 Kids Fish Under Age 10

Choice of grilled or fried Mahi Mahi with brown rice or fries.

5.99 Spaghetti Under Age 10

Tomato sauce or butter and cheese.

5.99 Grilled Chicken Under Age 10

Or teriyaki with rice or fries.

5.99 Hot Dog with Fries Under Age 10

3.99 Macaroni & Cheese Under Age 10

Beer & Wine

3 - 7 Beer

Selection of Hawaiian & Mainland Crafts

5 - 8 Wine

Inquire for selection.